Wednesday, June 22, 2011

signs and stars

Yesterday I saw I sign that said "you have the right to smile, you have the right to frown"  I kind of love this.  I agree that joy and happiness should not be regulated, and that sad emotions deserve attention as well.  It is not fair when people think they can only express the happy feelings.  Although sadness is not where I want to live, it is an emotion that can offer relief when it is finally expressed and set free.

Today as the lightrail passed over the Tempe Town Lake the sun made the water twinkle.  I wrote a poem:                   
                                           Stars on the water, sparkling
                They each get a moment to shine as the sun hits them individually
                                        Stars could show their light all day
                but only with that perfect morning beam will they let me make my wish

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

another lightrail story

I'm thinking about changing the title of the blog to something like "adventures on the lightrail."  Today as I was heading home I sat behind a man who was sleeping.  Then I smelled some kind of spicy food.  It was almost a Mexican food spicy, but kind of a spicy meat smell like a salami.  I like food smells so I breathed in deeply.  I looked around to see where the food was but did not see any.  Then I realized the smell was emanating from the sleeping man.  He had a small bag sitting next to him and I could only hope that there was food in it.  I felt kind of gross because I had been enjoying the smell up to that point.  At this point I had a choice: I could choose to believe it was food, or I could give up Mexican food for life.  The story does have a happy ending.  The man pulled out a calzone and started eating.  I choose to believe all the smell was coming from his lunch.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cleaning house

For the record, it is amazes me how cleaning can really give me insight into my life.  As I look for my lost keys I discover how even a little apartment like ours can hide things.  I figured having a small place would make things easier to locate, but the size of the apartment kind of just mocks me when I still can't find things.  Cleaning also brings to light the vast amount of clothing I own.  I don't think I even wear them all (many of them being winter clothes...I do love sweaters).  So I am cleaning out and giving away lots of things I forgot I owned to begin with.  My goal is to have the house clean and smelling nice before my handsome hubby gets home form work.

Monday, June 6, 2011

wit out da drama

So as I was riding the lightrail and a woman asked if she could use my phone.  Being a believer in Karma I let her.  She called someone and left a message.  A little bit later I got a text from a number I did not recognize.  The texter basically broke of with this women (calling her Danielle).  I felt some kind of responsibility to let him know she would not be getting that message.  I texted him back and told him it was not her phone and she just used mine on the lightrail.  Then he was like "ok well next time u c her tell her I need a grl wit out da drama"  I texted back and said "I really don't know her, I promise, she just  used my phone."  I closed by wishing him luck finding his drama free woman.  He thanked me and I just hope eventually Danielle gets the message.