Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ghost whisperer

As my school does not start until tomorrow I am getting my fill of Ghost Whisperer.  It is funny how when the ghosts talk to the whisper lady and then she relays the message she changes what is said.  The ghost says something like "tell them to forgive eachother" then ghost whisperer says "she wants you guys to move on and live a full life"  I suppose the sentiment is similar but I would be pretty irritated if I wanted something specific to be told my loved ones but the middle man was rephrasing everything.  I am kind of a wimp because this show does scare me somewhat.  It is about the scarriest I go ha ha.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am quite excited the the world did not end yesterday at 6.  I would have been terribly upset if I missed my birthday by 3 days.  I was hoping this morning to find some tv news station covering the aftermath of the lack of catastrophe, but Sunday morning still only offered me programs to help me find the inner power to get rich.  I am not opposed to getting rich, but Jesse in general does not like when I watch infomercials because I love them too much. Someday when I do have a larger budget for squandering I will finally be able to get that exercise machine that helped that woman fit into her perfect wedding dress.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yay I have a blog!

I have a blog now.  I am calling it "These Purple Pages" because my journal at age 13 had purple pages and I always felt that if would make a good book (I would have to change the names of course he he). So because I have yet to finish any of my many started novels I am writing I figured I could use the title for my blog.  And that is my first entry (oh and I may use incorrect grammer such as starting with "and".  This is not an oversight, but is being used to convey a conversational feel).