Monday, June 6, 2011

wit out da drama

So as I was riding the lightrail and a woman asked if she could use my phone.  Being a believer in Karma I let her.  She called someone and left a message.  A little bit later I got a text from a number I did not recognize.  The texter basically broke of with this women (calling her Danielle).  I felt some kind of responsibility to let him know she would not be getting that message.  I texted him back and told him it was not her phone and she just used mine on the lightrail.  Then he was like "ok well next time u c her tell her I need a grl wit out da drama"  I texted back and said "I really don't know her, I promise, she just  used my phone."  I closed by wishing him luck finding his drama free woman.  He thanked me and I just hope eventually Danielle gets the message.

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